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Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association/ Association Canadienne des Infirmieres et infirmiers en Sante du Travail (COHNA-ACIIST), the professional association for Occupational Health Nurses (OHNs) in Canada, has established standards for this nursing specialty based on scope of practice. COHNA-ACIIST has developed the competencies and standards that apply to the Occupational Health Nursing practice in Canada and align with Canadian Nurses Association Occupational Health Nursing list of competencies.


Standards of Practice are developed by the profession to define and advance practice in Occupational Health Nursing. A standard is an authoritative statement that describes the required behaviour of every nurse and is used to evaluate individual performance. 


Documented standards delineate professional practice expectations, enable sound decision making, support effective communication and always apply.


OHNs practice as clinical specialists, educators, administrators/managers, consultants, researchers, and disability case managers. OHNs practice in diverse public and private sectors of industry and in private practice.


This bundle includes the following publications:

  • National Disability Management Practice Standards for OHNs
  • National Practice Standards for OHNs
  • National Competencies for OHNs


Save 20% by purchasing the bundle over each individual publication.

National Standards & Competencies for OHNs BUNDLE

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